Day 234: Send A Postcard To A Sick Child

Each day I will write about something that a person can do to help others. I want to prove that we can help others and our world without having a lot of money or time. I feel strongly that we all have something that we can offer. The things that I write about will usually not take up much time or require large donations.

Day 234:
Action: Mail a Postcard to a sick child.
Time Needed: About ½ hour to find a postcard, write a short message, and mail.
Requirements: Need a postcard and stamp.
Cost: Less than $2.00

How would you like to put a smile on a child’s face today? When you go to this website, pick out a child to send a postcard from your hometown or from your travels. Write a happy positive note on it. You can write something like “Greetings from Buffalo, NY” or “Wanted to share a natural wonder of the world with you from Niagara Falls, NY”. You don’t want to say get well soon because some of these kids will never get well. We just want to make them smile and maybe get more information about a place in the world. Share you love and hometown with a child and brighten their day. You can even sign up to get updates on new kids to send postcards to. You can change a child’s world with a postcard from home.

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